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Over 65 Flavors Popped Fresh To Order!

My Popcorn Kitchen delivers over 65 Gourmet Popcorn Flavors Popped FRESH!  Hand-Crafted. Certified non GMO popcorn. Preservative Free. Naturally Gluten Free*. 100% delicious.  Always fresh to order.

Our Popcorn Flavor Menu

We have something for every taste from the classics: Buttery, Low Salt, Caramel, Kettle, and Cheddar Cheese to decadent chocolates such as Puppy Chow, Dark Chocolate, Cookies N Cream, and Birthday Cake. We’ve got unique flavors such as Spicy Buffalo Wing, Beer Cheddar, Raspberry, Butterfinger, Spicy Caramel with Peanuts, fruit flavored popcorn, and many more. Plus we love to get creative and whip up some specialty flavors!

Naturally Gluten Free

Most of our gourmet popcorn flavors are naturally gluten-free. *Exceptions to this in our standard inventory are:

  • Beer Cheddar (natural Beer flavor in Beer spice)
  • Puppy Chow (pretzels)
  • Cookies N Cream (Oreo cookies)

…And in our seasonal, or Featured Flavors we occasionally offer such as:

  • S’Mores (graham crackers) (available in-store only
  • Cupid’s Crunch (pretzels) (available in-store only
  • Bunny Bait (pretzels) (available in-store only)

Preservative Free, Non GMO Popcorn

Part of our branding and what separates us from large, commercial popcorn brands is that their popcorn is made in a large manufacturing facility, hundreds of gallons at a time using a complex system of conveyor belts. My Popcorn Kitchen popcorn is made in small batches, hand-crafted, with no preservatives added. High quality, attention to detail, using only the best ingredients. That is what makes our popcorn so delicious.

How We Make Our Gourmet Popcorn Flavors

Every flavor we make is prepared from start-to-finish in our kitchen. We begin with the popping. Large, crisp kernels with a full-bodied flavor. From there, the popped corn goes into one of our specialized pieces of equipment, depending on the flavor we want to create:

  • the Popper – to pop all our popcorn and to make our classic kettle corn plus our specialty kettle corn with cinnamon added
  • the Caramelizer – to make our delicious caramel popcorn flavors and fruit popcorn flavors
  • the Cheese-maker – to make our savory cheese popcorn flavors
  • the Fudge kettle – to make our decadent chocolate popcorn flavors
  • we also offer two flavors of classic popped popcorn for those who crave that pure popcorn taste

All are made individually, in small batches to our exacting specifications. Real people using real ingredients creating amazing flavored popcorn.

So what are you waiting for? Order online now or pop into our retail store! Either way, we’re ready to serve you!

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