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Caramel Popcorn. A 100+-year-old popcorn tradition that we honor with our family recipe. We make our Caramel just like we do at home. With butter, sugar, molasses-rich brown sugar, and corn syrup (without the high fructose). You can feel good about serving our popcorn to your family or giving it as a gift because we make our popcorn with our own family and friends in mind.

  • Made fresh daily in our kitchen
  • Gluten free
  • Contains dairy and soy
  • No preservatives added
  • Non-GMO kernels U.S.A. grown
  • Full of fiber and antioxidants
  • 0% trans fat
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Caramel Popcorn. We honor this old-fashioned classic with a recipe that we refined until we found just the right flavor profile. We’re chef-driven foodies with a passion for creating amazing flavors of popcorn. We won’t skimp on ingredients. This popcorn will be a go-to popcorn flavor that you can rely on for quality and freshness. If you like a little bit of spice in your Caramel popcorn, consider our Spicy Caramel flavor!

Available in six bag sizes ranging from our Mini bag at 3.5 cups; Junior bag at 7 cups; Small bag at 10.5 cups; Medium bag at 31.5 cups; Large bag at 48 cups; and Extra Large bag at 112 cups. (Cup measurements are approximate).

We make it easy to order online for shipping or pick-up. Just note any instructions for shipping or date and time you’d like to pick up in the “Comments” box at checkout.


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Mini (3.5 cups), Junior (7 cups), Small (10.5 cups), Medium (31.5 cups), Large (48 cups), Extra Large (112 cups)

30 reviews for Caramel Popcorn

  1. Richard Biles

    Excellent flavor and crunch. The best caramel I have ever tasted. You should try this one.

  2. Carri E.

    I’m a big fan of your best caramel popcorn. It’s so crisp and fresh tasting.

  3. Ken W.

    Great big nuggets of buttery caramel popcorn perfection that leave you satisfied…until you’re out.

  4. Lois P.

    It’s hard to decide which popcorn to buy since they have so many flavors.

    It helps that you can try some fresh samples.

    We always find something for us and for our friends.

  5. Christopher P.

    Caramel corn that you just can’t get anywhere else!

    You can buy unique flavors, but we just got the cheese, caramel, caramel with cashews.

    The most delicious popcorn I have ever had, and I have had them all.

  6. Wilson G.

    Your caramel popcorn is the best I have ever had. It was remarkably fresh and good to know it was not saturated with ingredients we did not want. Thanks for such good caramel corn.

  7. Arnie P.

    Smooth, creamy, buttery caramel popcorn. Makes the mouth water just thinking about it. Everybody had several bowls of it recently and it was good to know that the kids were not eating a treat loaded with chemicals or preservatives.

    The freshness was remarkable. The appearance was better than expected.

    Always a favorite and now even more so.

  8. JB

    The best caramel corn ever. Crispy and full-flavored. It made our long drive across ten states much more enjoyable. It just melts in your mouth. Good with water or any soft drink this is our favorite caramel popcorn.

  9. Pamela A.

    Once you try it, you will fall in love with it! This is absolutely the best Caramel popcorn you can get anywhere.
    The kernels are huge but not unnatural-nothing in the ingredients is-and you can get many variations with several different kinds of nuts. But for me, this is my favorite, and nothing else is close. I mean there are other good ones out there, I have tried them, but some are too heavily coated and some have the preservatives which are unacceptable. So I stick with the winner, My Popcorn Kitchen. You are the best.

  10. Tracy L.

    Just thinking about your caramel popcorn makes my mouth water. I loved the crispy nuggets and the coating on those huge kernels.

  11. Sarah

    This is definitely our favorite. Keep doing what you’re doing! We heart MPK!

  12. Marjorie K.

    Every time we order, this is on the list. Sometimes we mix it with your Bacon cheddar. Amazing!

  13. Andi J.

    We purchased this in Mini size for our wedding. Our guests loved it (and so did we). They were able to add our labels that I made to the bags. Love MPK!

  14. Tamra G.

    We’ve been coming to your store since you opened. The quality has been consistently incredible. You guys make the best caramel popcorn!

  15. Daryl J.

    Coated to perfection, My Popcorn Kitchen has the best caramel popcorn in the world.

  16. Tim S.


  17. Deter G.

    Had a good time munching and crunching your delicious caramel popcorn over the weekend. So fresh, and so tasty.

  18. Rich T.

    By far and away, this is the best caramel popcorn. I’m a Garrett’s fan and I like this over theirs.

  19. JT

    Great popcorn. Keep up the good work.

  20. Harold Woodbury

    We used to be in the popcorn business ourselves so are very picky about Caramel. Theirs is definitely the real deal. We’re fans!

  21. Paula D.

    Just one word – yummy! Shipped promptly. Thanks Popcorn Kitchen! You rock!

  22. Derek K.

    Every person we have ever sent your caramel corn to has loved it. Your caramel corn is a special treat!

  23. Tim T.

    We were buying popcorn from the grocery store til we found this place. Their caramel is amazing.

  24. Carri D.

    So so yummy. Way better than store bought.

  25. California Gerry

    Fabulous. I am buying a big bag and we’ll see how long that lasts around here with my family.

  26. Carlos T.

    It only takes one bite, then you’re hooked on the best tasting caramel popcorn you have ever tried. Prepare to be won over because My Popcorn Kitchen has done it right!

  27. Danielle

    I’m not a big reviewer but had to let you know what phenomenal Caramel popcorn you make. I have given it as a corporate thank you gift and received great feedback!

  28. CC Howe

    You probably get this a lot but your caramel popcorn is without a doubt the best there is. I have had some other good caramel popcorn before but they tend to be really small kernels, and not nearly as tasty or fresh. We will be trying some of your other flavors soon.

  29. Lani K.

    Gluten-free and delicious, this caramel popcorn is what we have been looking for. It’s a consistent go-to treat in our house. No need to make this at home anymore. We can’t come close.

  30. Andy H.

    Every so often I find a real nugget of optimism that there are still some excellent quality items made in America that no one can match, and your caramel popcorn is one of those items. Thank you for such a great-tasting caramel popcorn.

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