Cheddar Cheese Popcorn


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Our Cheddar Cheese Popcorn is made with the finest ingredients to provide a premier popcorn experience. Creamy, cheesy, simple, and delicious! Always made in small batches fresh in our kitchen. This classic popcorn flavor is over the top and the best cheese popcorn you will ever try. A customer favorite! Order Cheddar Cheese popcorn now!

  • Made fresh daily in our kitchen
  • Gluten-free
  • No preservatives added
  • Non-GMO kernels U.S.A. grown
  • Full of fiber and antioxidants
  • 0% trans fat
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Made fresh in our kitchen in small batches, our deliciously rich Cheddar Cheese Popcorn features real cheddar perfectly coated over our large, fluffy, crisp non-GMO popcorn. A truly rich classic cheese popcorn that you’ll buy again and again.

We make it easy to order online for shipping or pick-up. Just note any instructions for shipping or date and time you’d like to pick up in the “Comments” box during checkout.

We handcraft our gourmet Cheddar Cheese popcorn every day using only premium ingredients. Ingredients we use at home. That’s because we’re chef-driven foodies with a passion for making the best tasting popcorn. Every batch.

Available in six bag sizes ranging from our Mini bag at 3.5 cups; Junior bag at 7 cups; Small bag at 10.5 cups; Medium bag at 31.5 cups; Large bag at 48 cups; and Extra Large bag at 112 cups. (Cup measurements are approximate).

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Mini (3.5 cups), Junior (7 cups), Small (10.5 cups), Medium (31.5 cups), Large (48 cups), Extra Large (112 cups)

20 reviews for Cheddar Cheese Popcorn

  1. Avatar

    Rob Yedor

    I was at an event last night and grabbed a bag of the Cheddar Cheese popcorn left for departing guests of the wedding. This was the best cheese popcorn I’ve ever had.

  2. Avatar

    Richard Biles

    This is an amazing flavor. It’s one of my all time favorites.

  3. Avatar

    Sheila Z.

    Great! Come all the way down from Payson!

  4. Avatar

    Kim S.

    Cheddar cheese popcorn that everyone loves. We’re ordering many tins and giving them away as gifts since everyone that has tried it remarks about it so highly.

  5. Avatar


    Our family and friends say this cheese popcorn is their fave. The cheesiest best tasting popcorn hands down.

  6. Avatar

    Francis R.

    This cheddar corn is without question the best cheddar corn made.
    I especially like the fact that there isn’t a lot of kernels and shells–just big popped buds of delicious cheese corn.

  7. Avatar

    Howard S.

    Amazing cheese popcorn! I’m picky about cheese and popcorn and this is the BEST I ever had, and I will be buying more.

  8. Avatar

    Pete G.

    This place is fantastic! Sample their products, they’re all delicious! Don’t be shy to ask for a sample before you buy. They have so many superb flavors it is sometimes hard to choose!

  9. Avatar

    Hakim E.

    Cheddar cheese popcorn is my favorite, and My Popcorn Kitchen has the best of all.

    If you love popcorn you will love this, and other flavors. They sell so much they cook it and sell it in super-sized containers so you can share it with an entire baseball team.

  10. Avatar

    Lori F.

    It’s fun to try the many cheese corn varieties. We bought several flavors of cheese corn to bring home to enjoy and loved them all.

    It’s hard to decide on what flavor to buy! You won’t go wrong with any choice of cheese popcorn.

  11. Avatar

    Carla Jean

    It must be magic because this is the best cheese popcorn you will ever taste. The freshness of this cheese corn is unsurpassed. It’s terrific. I am especially pleased that it doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals or additives that are unhealthy, but instead has antioxidants that are actually healthy. Now I can eat all I want and not have to be concerned that I am eating something I shouldn’t.

  12. Avatar

    Tanya K.

    Your Cheddar Cheese popcorn rocks!
    I shared some with my band-mates and they all agreed that this was the best cheese popcorn they ever had!

    I just wanted to send the note to you to tell you we love it and will definitely be trying your other flavored popcorns.

  13. Avatar

    Paula and Carlos R.

    We’ve tried them all from the “Factory” and the place in Chicago. Yours is by far the best. Customers for life!

  14. Avatar

    Jimmy G.

    so good! you guys rock!

  15. Avatar


    My family just loves this popcorn. I feel like it’s a better snack than chips. Popcorn is so healthy. We love you guys!

  16. Avatar

    Patty S.

    Without question, this is the best cheddar cheese popcorn ever.

  17. Avatar

    Wayne L.

    Best. Cheddar. Popcorn. Ever. I used to buy the bags in the grocery store. No longer. Once you taste this, you’ll know the difference.

  18. Avatar

    Kamlesh Dadi Y.

    My friend said it would be excellent to write to you to telling you about how I enjoyed your cheddar popcorn. I liked it very very much and would like to purchase much more soon. Thank you,

  19. Avatar

    Kevin N.

    Thought of this last minute for a party. Everyone loved it. Will order again.

  20. Avatar

    Ben S.

    best cheddar cheese popcorn I have ever had. I’ve had Garrett’s and Popcorn Factory’s versions but this beats theirs. these huge kernels are coated in goodness.

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