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Movie Theater Popcorn. Hand-made in our kitchen in small batches with a buttery seasoning and spices, plus enough salt to give it a truly full-bodied flavor. Your next movie or gathering of any kind calls for our great take on a classic! Order Movie Theater Popcorn now!

  • Made fresh in our kitchen
  • Gluten-free
  • Preservative-free
  • Non-GMO kernels U.S.A. grown
  • Full of fiber and antioxidants
  • Contains powdered milk
  • 0% trans fat


Movie Theater Popcorn is a timeless and always delicious snack. Made with the very best, crunchy, non-GMO popcorn grown in the USA.

This flavor is different from our Buttery and our Extra Buttery flavors. It’s more intense with a richer, saltier flavor. Order our Movie Theater Popcorn now!

Available in six bag sizes ranging from our Mini bag at 3.5 cups; Junior bag at 7 cups; Small bag at 10.5 cups; Medium bag at 31.5 cups; Large bag at 48 cups; and Extra Large bag at 112 cups. (Cup measurements are approximate).

We make it easy to order online for shipping or pick-up. Just note any instructions for shipping or date and time you’d like to pick up in the “Comments” box during checkout.

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Mini (3.5 cups), Junior (7 cups), Small (10.5 cups), Medium (31.5 cups), Large (48 cups), Extra Large (112 cups)

20 reviews for Movie Theater Popcorn

  1. AshleyR

    Better than popcorn you get at the movies! It has a rich butter flavor with just the right amount of salt! Plus it doesn’t make your fingers all greasy.

  2. Christine McCabe

    Excellent taste. Will be ordering.

  3. Judy Davis

    Really enjoyed this

  4. Jamie W

    So So Very Good!

  5. Treat K.

    When you want to binge-watch a couple days of t.v. you can enjoy it more like we do with a big tin of movie theater popcorn. It goes down without extra grease or too much anything. It’s terrific.

  6. Ken T.

    Even after all the varieties of flavors, good old movie theater popcorn still has a place for our popcorn fans.

  7. Carrie N.

    I’m not sure how many flavors you have, but each of the ones we tried so far were wonderful! Really like the rich flavor of the movie theater popcorn. I like it better each time I get it.

  8. TJ

    This even smells great from a distance. Once you open the package, everyone wants some.

    Perfect for binge-watching anything. Good for when a gathering of many is planned.

    Next time we’ll order much more because it doesn’t stay around long.

  9. Kathy R.

    Of all the popcorn flavors this ranks in the top four. There’s something about the salty flavor! It’s also nice to know that your movie flavor popcorn doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives and is actually a healthier choice for our family. It certainly is a fresher choice that doesn’t last long in our house.

  10. Jan B.

    Well, now we’ve really done it. We tried the movie theater popcorn and it is out of this world. Addictive? I think so. I think it’s the salty taste. It’s good that it doesn’t contain preservatives because we cannot get enough.

    But we want to work our way through all the flavors you mix on the biggest crispiest popcorn ever.

  11. Oscar B.

    Here’s to your Movie Flavor popcorn, still one of the best ever. Although I do like the other flavors you offer, this is still my all-time favorite.

  12. Steven Paul

    Great for movie night. Buy two bags – we gobbled it up!

  13. LaTasha M.

    Can’t get enough of this one. Buttery, salty, yummy!

  14. Betty D.

    This is better than the super salty greasy popcorn at the theaters. Flavor is amazing and just enough salt.

  15. Rand E.

    This is the real deal. Great butter flavor and a good amount of salt. My new go-to flavor. Highly recommend.

  16. Sarah S.

    Phenomenal popcorn. No matter what flavor you choose, it’s all good!

  17. Manuel O.

    Irresistible taste. It must be the freshness. Or the special salt. Or the ingredients that other companies that make this sort of popcorn/additive seasonings are missing. It’s terrific however you do this. Everyone really likes it we wanted to put our two cents in here to let you know. We could eat it every day!

  18. Pam K.

    This is my favorite. Just the right amount of salt plus the buttery taste. Better than at the theater.

  19. Rhonda K.

    The Movie Theater popcorn is always delish. Shipped as requested with no issues after many orders. That’s saying plenty today. We are sold on this place!

  20. R. Lee

    I was hooked on their Kettle popcorn so Movie Theater was next on the list. OMG, so good and the salt doesn’t overpower like at the movie theater. And also a shout out to the staff. So friendly!

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