Snappy White Popcorn Seeds


Snappy White Popcorn Seeds

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An old fashioned popcorn lover’s popcorn. The small kernel when popped creates a light and tender puff with less hulls for easier eating. Naturally gluten-free and non-GMO. 2 lb. bag

    Traditional Popped Popcorn

    • Cook time: 10 minutes
    • Yield: Makes 2 quarts, a nice amount for two people or for one hungry one.
    • Ingredients
    • 3 Tbsp coconut oil
    • 1/3 cup popcorn seeds
    • 1 3-quart covered saucepan
    • 1 Tbsp or more (to taste) of butter (optional)
    • Salt to taste
    • Procedure
    • 1) Heat the oil in a 3-quart saucepan on medium high heat. Ensure all of the solid oil is liquified.
    • 2) Add 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels in an even layer and cover with the lid.
    • 3) The popcorn should begin popping soon and increase in intensity. Once this happens, gently shake the pan by moving it back and forth over the burner.
    • Once the popping slows to several seconds between pops, remove the pan from the heat, remove the lid and dump the popcorn immediately into a large diameter 2 qt. serving bowl.
    • If adding butter, return the pan to the heat, add butter and allow to melt, then pour over the popcorn.
    • Shake with salt if desired.

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