Event Name

Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” Contest Commercial Finalists Gala 2015

Event Overview

A gala for the Doritos commercial finalists who submitted 30-second television commercials that used the Doritos chips in the commercial. Finalists came in from all over the world. The winner would win $1 million dollars and their commercial would air during that year’s televised Super Bowl. The winner would not know they had won until the commercial aired.

Event Details

Joshua, a producer at Merestone Events, emailed us to inquire about a popcorn bar for this upcoming event scheduled for the end of January. He was working with their client at Doritos. We provided a quote on seven Large size bags (48 cups per bag) of popcorn for 100 attendees. We also provided our scoops and wide mouth decorative plastic punch bowls for serving. We determined the glass apothecary jars are not practical for scooping popcorn. The glass jars made nice decorative accents. The event was hosted at Clayton on The Park in Old Town Scottsdale. In addition to the popcorn bar, there was an open bar, waiter-served hors-d’oeuvres, cigar bar, dinner, and dessert bar. Attendees included actress Elizabeth Banks, the Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, the leadership at Frito-Lay, and Clay Matthews, player for the Green Bay Packers.